Pipe Pressing Tools

Iwiss Pipe Crimper with 40% Labor Saved,45% Work Space Saved and 30% Lighter In Weight,Including Pex Pipe Crimping Tools,Copper Tube Pipe Crimper,PEX-AL-PEX(Multilayer)Pipe Pressing Tools.

Applications & Feature: 

Iwiss Pipe Tools can suitable for PEX Pipes, PAP Pipes, Copper/Aluminum/Steel pipes with hand/hydraulic/electrical operation type, including hose clamp, pipe expanding tools and many other pipe fitting tools, products very suitable for USA,Australia,New Zealand,Singapore,Europe,Russia,Canada marketing.

Hand Pipe Crimping Tools: The hand operation crimping tool for connecting fitting with pipe, used for pap pipe ,stainless pipe, Changeable crimping dies make the working convenient; the handle can be elongated with energy-efficient drive. Ratchet buckle structure ensure each press in right position.

Hydraulic Pipe Crimping Tools:The hydraulic operation crimping tool perfect design depend on the ergonomics, beautiful shape and operation comfortable, suspend release device ensure accurate reliability and good sealing safety valve design; ensure each clamp in good sealing. Straight-insert rotary lock type clamps head pin; prevent clamp head pin not lock to work.

PEX/PEX-AL-PEX(Multilayer)/Copper Pipe Pressing Tools:

  • Item Dies Length (cm/inch) Weight (KG) Folding Handle Rotary Head Dual-Head PEX Pipe PAP Pipe Copper Pipe
    IWS-1632A 16&20&25/26&32 55/2.1 2.8
    IWS-1632AB(JT-1632) 16&20&25&32 78/3.0 4.0
    IWS-1632B 16&20&25/26&32 59/2.3 2.9
    IWS-1632BC 16&20&25&32 78/3.0 4.1
    IWS-1620A 16&20 38/1.5 1.5
    IWS-1620B 16&20 38/1.5 1.3
    IWS-1620BC 16&20 48/1.9 2.3
    IWS-1620C 16&20 38/1.5 1.3
    AM-1632Q 16&20&25&32 16.5
    IWS-1632C 16&20&25&32 60/2.4 2.5
    IWS-1625A 16&20&25 58/2.3 2.6
    IWS-1625AB 16&20&25 58/2.3 2.4
    IWS-1625AC 16&20&25 51/2.0 2.3
    IWS-1620CD 16&20 50/1.96 1.6
    IWS-1620BD 16 or 20 38/1.5 1.3
    IWS-F 3/8″,1/2″,3/4″,1″ 37/1.5 1.5
    IWS-FA 3/8″,1/2″,3/4″,1″ 37/1.5 1.3
    IWS-1P 1″ 37/1.5 1.5
    IWS-34P 3/4″ 35/1.3 1.3
    IWS-12P 1/2″ 35/1.3 1.3
    IWS-1234P 1/2″,3/4″ 39/1.7 1.5
    IWS-1096G 3/8″, 1/2″,5/ 8″,3/4″,1″ 30/1.2 0.6
    AM-1632QA 3/8″,1/2″,5/ 8”,3/4″,1″ 17
  • 1. IWS -1632A (New) Compared with IWS-1632AB(Old)
     IWS-1632A Multi-Azimuth Pipe Pressing Tools  IWS-1632AB Mechanical Pipe Pressing Tools
    2. IWS-1632B(New) Compared with IWS-1632BC(Old)
     IWS-1632B Folding Handles Pressing Tools  IWS-1632BC Mechanical Pipe Pressing Tools
  •  TH TH Type
    Die size Die size Art No.
    TH16 16mm 800890
    TH20 20mm 800900
    TH26 26mm 800910
    TH32 32mm 800920
     U U Type
    Die size Die size Art No.
    U16 16mm 800930
    U20 20mm 800940
    U25 26mm 800950
    U32 32mm 800960
     H H Type
    Die size Die size Art No.
    H16 16mm 800970
    H20 20mm 800980
    H25 26mm 800990
    H32 32mm 801000
     B B Type
    Die size Die size Art No.
    B16 16mm 801010
    B20 20mm 801020
    B26 26mm 801030
     M M Type
    Die size Die size Art No.
    M12 12mm 801040
    M15 15mm 801050
    M18 18mm 801060
    M22 22mm 801070
    M28 28mm 801080
     V V Type
    Die size Die size Art No.
    V15 15mm 801090
    V18 18mm 801100
    V22 22mm 801110
    V28 28mm 801120
     VP VP Type
    Die size Die size Art No.
    VP16 16mm 801130
    VP20 20mm 801140
    VP25 25mm 801150
    VP32 32mm 801160
     G G Type
    Die size Die size Art No.
    G16 16mm 801170
    G20 20mm 801180
    G26 26mm 801190
    G32 32mm 801200
     RF RF Type
    Die size Die size Art No.
    RF12 12mm 801210
    RF16 16mm 801220
    RF20 20mm 801230
    RF25 25mm 801240
     SV SV Type
    Die size Die size Art No.
    SV15 16mm 801250
    SV20 20mm 801260
    SV25 26mm 801270
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Pipe Fitting & Crimping Dies:

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