Latest Products

Listing all of lastest iwiss products here, you will find varous of hand tools,hydraulic machine,pneumatic tools,battery tools directly in one page.

Crimping Tools – Hand Crimping Tools & Electric/Pneumatic Crimping Tools & Dutch Crimp Tool & Solar PV Tools:

Wire Stripper & Cable Cutter:

Network Tools – Crimping Tools & Stripping Tools & Punch Down Tools & Cable Tester:

Hydraulic Tools – Crimping Tools & Cutting Tools & Punching Tools & Hydraulic Pumps:

Pipe Pressing Tools & Pipe Expanding Tools & Pipe Bending Machine:

Rebar Cutting Machine & Rebar Bending Machine & Rebar Tying Machine:

Packing Tools: Hand Strapping Tools & PET Strapping Tools & Steel Packing Machine:

Wire Stripping Machine & Terminal Crimping Machine & Cable Processing Machine: