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This website is for wholesale, our retail store is on
This website is for wholesale, our retail store is on

About Us

    IWISS company originated in Europe, grew up in North America, based in China. Our Slogan:Work for Comfort!
    • More than 1.5 million users worldwide in just ten years
    • Turnover has reached 30 million US dollars
    • Continuously develop innovative products
    • Office building of 5000 square meters
    • Brand management center in the US
    • Branches in Japan and Germany
    • IWISS trademark approved for registration worldwide
    • More than 85 invention patents in mainstream countries

          IWISS has been committed to product innovation for a long time. Through sufficient user insights, we have developed plumbing tools, pin insertion tools, wire rope scissors, automotive connector maintenance tools and other products, which have won the trust of people from the fields of electronic electricians, hardware and building materials, and automobile maintenance around the world.

          Robin Wang graduated from China Europe International Business School EMBA. Through learning, he wrote a digital-based brand management practice concept, mentioning that the Internet has accelerated the process of corporate brand globalization, digitalization has greatly improved operating efficiency, and the development of intelligence will reshape the entire industry! Because of the long-term use of Oracle NetSuite, Salesforce, Office365 and other digital management tools, the company has the characteristics of clear business strategy positioning, simple management process, and strong collaborative office capabilities, which has laid a solid foundation for future talent training and attracted many outstanding team and talents to come and study.


          While the founder proposed the brand development strategy, he also took into account the management of B2B OEM/ODM key accounts. The company has not only established an Internet-based marketing channel based on e-commerce, but also continues to participate in world-renowned exhibitions to maintain cooperation with mainstream customers in the industry and share industry development trends.

          The global mainstream standards in the tool industry are mainly divided into EU standards, Anglo-American standards, and Japanese standards. In terms of quality control, our company proposed and established the Blue Giant Laboratory in 2023, striving to make the products we produce meet the above standards, and make unremitting efforts to provide customers with reliable products. In order to allow global users to understand IWISS more conveniently, in the future, users can also quickly visit the company through VR technology. The laboratory also provides functions such as product live teaching to cater to the development of the times.

          The BCG research report found that the hand tool industry has a strong life cycle. Throughout the world, countries dominated by Germany, the United States, Japan, and China play a major role in R&D and production in the hand tool industry, and well-known brands are concentrated in the United States and Germany. The tool industry is developing rapidly, and artificial intelligence tools will lead the industry in the future. The business goal of IWISS will develop in the direction of branding, localization and intelligence.

      •     IWISS will serve global electrical users and provide more comprehensive electrical product solutions.
      •     iCrimp will focus on hand tool products,such as Crimpers, Cutters and Strippers etc.

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