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IWS-0840S Battery Cable Lug Crimping Tool Set

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$48.81 - $48.81
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Brand: IWISS
Color: Blue
Handle Material: Rubber
Grip Type: Contoured

  • ITEMS INCLUDES: cable lug crimper(with built-in cable cutter), three pairs of interchangeable jaws, and wire stripper.
  • CRIMPER: The crimper is constructed of durable carbon steel with rust resistance and good abrasion performance, ensuring a long service life. It has a built-in cutting blade, which can cut small size cables in seconds. The Labor-saving structure design makes crimping easy, even crimp the big size lugs.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE JAWS: Precise jaws are well polished to ensure smooth crimps and their excellent rust and wear resistance can also ensure high efficiency, stable performance, and long service life. Each pair of the jaw has embossing AWG size, with correct size crimping, the cable lug will have AWG size embossed after crimping.
  • WIRE STRIPPER: Design for fast and precise removal of PVC, rubber, PE, and other jacket materials, work well on rounded cables with max 240mm2. The cutting blade is made of SK4 high-quality steel with heat treating to ensure the sharpness, hardness, and toughness of the cutting edges.
  • APPLICATION: This toolset can be used to crimp AWG 8,6,4,2,1,1/0,2/0,3/0, and 4/0 cable lugs used in emergency vehicles, generator sets (gensets), power distribution recreational vehicles, trucks, cranes and lifting equipment.

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