Cable Clamps & Cable Tie Holder

Cable Clamps and Cable Tie Holder

Tie Mounts|Expand Plugs|Cable Tie Holder|R-Type Cable Clamps

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Our Cable Clamp is designed to manage and contain your cables, wires, and a variety of items with simplistic, reliable security, to assist you in securing, joining and running electrical cables.

  • Tie Mounts: Used together with cable ties. Secured to the surface by the adhesive tape on the back after the backing paper is peeled off.May be secured using a self-tapping screw inserted into a special hole.
  • Expand Plugs: Used primarily for light duty fastening of screws in concrete, brick, dry wall, hollow brick, wooden structure, natural stone plates. Quick & secure tool for fixing screws.
  • Cable Tie Holder: A one piece non-conductive, fool proof holding device for fixing of Can Type Aluminum electrolytic capacitor which can be fitted easily and quickly. Application- just position it on the Capacitor and press the jaws together. For maximum tightness a plier can be used to give that firmness and vibration resistance.The capacitor Holder can be released and reused again and again.
  • R-type Cable Clamps: specially designed to hold cables, tubes and components and allow you to easily mount bundles of cables to walls, ceilings or any other surface. The clamp has quite an easy application, simply screw the clamp to surface.


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