Cable Marker & Heat Shrinkable Tubings

Cable Marker and Heat Shrinkable Tubings

Cable Markers|Vinyl Wire End Caps|Spiral Wrapping Bands| Heat Shrinkable Tubings

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Spiral Wrapping Bands
The spiral tube from IWISS bundles cables and protects cable reliable. The flexible cable tube is durable and reusable. The supplied installation tool simplifies the bundling of cables. The spiral tube cable tie is the space-saving option for a clean installation of cables and reducing trip hazards.

Cable Markers
Using markers specifically designed to meet every application. A wide range of packaging types and accessories are available to simplify the marking process.


Vinyl Wire End Caps
It is suitable for all kinds of switchboards, auto-control equipment complicated wire distribution, make the wire identification. There are different specification is good for different shape of terminal, when use it, easy to unload, easy operation. Product quality is soft and good performance of resilient, safe and reliable.

Heat Shrinkable Tubing
Single/Thin wall heat shrinkable tubing is used in a variety of applications in the electronics, automotive, military & aerospace sectors, including: Mechanical Protection, Abrasion Protection, Strain Relief, Moisture Protection, Cable Insulation, Marking & bundling of electronic components


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