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FAQ of PEX Clamp Cinch Tool 1096kit

FAQ of PEX Clamp Cinch Tool 1096kit

Q: Will this handle a 1" ring / what's the largest ring it could handle?
A: The crimping range is 3/8"-1", 1" is within it's capability.

Q: Can this Iwiss PEX clamp cinch tool be used with all brands of PEX clamps, oetiker, shark bite,etc. with different size ears, requiring adjustment?
A: The tool can work with all PEX clamps, which meet ASTM F2098. This tool is factory-calibrated, it doesn't need any calibration to work with different sizes clamps.

Q: Which is better, cinch or crimp?
A: Both crimp and cinch are excellent plumbing methods. And you have to use the go-no go checking tool with the crimp system. While it's not necessary for the stainless cinch system.

Q: In the photo of the tool it shows a calibration gauge so is this tool adjustable?
A: Yes, the product come with a manual which can teach you how to calibrate it.

Q: Can this tool work with plastic wirsbo PEX fittings? Using a Stainless cinch clamp.
A: No. Wirsbo is expanding system, cinch tool is not suitable. While we supply the pipe expander tool kit suit Wirsbo.

Q: Does this tool work with all PEX tubbing and rings?
A: It's for stainless steel clamps which meet ASTM 2098 Standard.

Q: Is this product made in USA?
A: No, this product is made in China.

Q: Does this tool work for PEX pipe tubing?
A: Yes, that's what it made for and works great and a good price.

A: Does this tool have a ratchet function?
Q: It does ratchet. it is the same tool selling at home depot for much higher price.

Q: Does this crimper work for polybutylene tubing?
A: If your use F2098 standard stainless steel clamps, our tool can work with polybutylene tubing.

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