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  • Crimping Tools
    Iwiss Crimping Tools including hand crimping tools, ratchet crimp tools, with Hand, Electrical, Pneumatic types used for various of terminals such as heavy duty connectors, cable lugs, plugs, and many of industrial connectors. Our tools matched US/Japan/Germany customers request standard. 1. Hand Crimping Tool: used for various of terminals such as cable end sleeves, insulated terminals and non-insulated tabs and receptacles etc. Due to best handle grasping position, light and compact structure and handle design ensure perfect crimping effect. All the key parts of the energy saving crimping tools have been specially harden, with the features of high effectiveness and long using lifetime. 2. Electrical & Pneumatic Crimping Tool: an ideal crimper for connection in cabinet, advantages of high efficiency and quality in crimping force and speed; it is suitable for crimping terminal in large or medium quantity 3. Heavy Duty Crimping Tool: Specializes in Electrical Controls and Components for Railway Transportation and Alternative Energy Sources including Wind Energy and contribute to climate protection, used for Harting Weidmuller, Tyco, Wain, DMC, LEMO, Phoenix connectors. 4. Solar PV Tools: including crimper, stripper, cutter, spanner, solar tester, solar connector, solar cable and solar test leader, used for PV system sizing and to create a preliminary solar layout on a sloped roof. Solar crimping tool is high-precision ratchet mechanism for complete crimps, interchangeable crimping die set. Solar wire stripper is particular well-suited for stripping difficult insulating material cables.
  • Wire Stripper and iCrimp Cable Cutter
    Iwiss Wire Stripping and iCrimp Cable Cutter is suitable for all kinds of cable's stripping and cutting. Electric and Manual type are included in this category, most of them help people save energy and money. Iwiss wire stripping include Manual stripper and Automatic stripper. A wire stripper is a small, hand-held device used to strip the electrical insulation from electric wires. used for removing all layers of insulation on cables. Suitable for longitudinal and circular cutting. With Replaceable blade(both side can be used).Iwiss cable knife is fixed hook blade. No damage of the conductor cores. Blade made of stainless steel. Ergonomically designed safety handle. With transparent protective cap. the Multi-function tool of with function of stripping and cutting is used for max.6mm2 cable wires. Features with automatic rebound spring, no damaging of the conductor core. the cable cutter include Manual cable cutter, Ratchet cable cutter and Battery powered cable cutter. Manual cable cutter is for below 500mm2 cables,not for cutting steel or steel wire, Iwiss hand use cable cutter of NK-GS10 for medium hard wire cables up to 6mm indiameter,eg. Also for cables and round steel. With reset spring and latch device, this cable cutter can cut head forged. Special blade geometry prevents the wire cable splaying.
  • Solar PV Tools
    We have grouped together some of our best pv tools into a wide range of solar tool kits. The solar kits come complete with a custom made case.Use this simple tool for PV system sizing and to create a preliminary solar layout on a sloped roof.
  • Network Tools
    Iwiss Network Tools including coaxial cable connector crimp Tools, RJ11/12/45 Ethernet connecting, impact punch down Tools, coaxial cable stripping Tools and application for various of connectors to the as F, BNC, RCA, RG-59/6 BNC connector, RG-59, RG-6, RG-6 (5c) Non-Ratchet Type etc. Network tools are widely used in edge, cutting, stripping more modular plugs, crimp idc connectors, curly waterproof connector, article points the modular plug, phone and Internet connector, coaxial cable, pressure to spin off all kinds of coaxial cable, cable, modules, distribution frame, change cable manager, cross connection terminal block, cable test, solve the problem of Network. Its characteristics are as follows: light weight, "the operation is simple and effective. Coaxial pressure stripping tool without the need to replace the tape. Inside the product structure is compact, cost-effective. Don't need to be repeated adjustments. All kinds of products are multi-functional make work more convenient.
  • Heavy Duty Precision Crimp Tools
    Iwiss Electric Specializes in Electrical Controls and Components for Railway Transportation and Alternative Energy Sources including Wind Energy and contribute to climate protection,used for Harting Weidmuller,Tyco,Wain,DMC,LEMO,Phoenix connectors.
  • Hydraulic Tools
    Hydraulic Tool Including Hydraulic Crimping Tools, Hole Digger, Cable Cutter, Gear Puller, Cylinder, Busbar Processing Tools matched Hand and Electric Pumps as power supply, Our hydraulic tools for workers can reduce the working pressure, and improve production efficiency. Application: Hydraulic tools with efficient and convenient advantages, it widely used in the steel, shipbuilding, electric power, petroleum, chemical, railway, metallurgy, bridge construction and other engineering maintenance and repair work in the world and China, but also a large number of serving the construction crushing demolition, engineering construction, road construction, water conservancy and other construction applications.
  • Pneumatic and Electrical Crimping Tools
    Iwiss Pneumatic and Electrical Crimping Tools is the transportable worktop crimping device,Compatible with all crimping heads of the Iwiss crimping dies series,Continuous operation,Efficient product processing process and perfect crimping effect is your ideal partner in the world.
  • Pipe Installation Tools
    Iwiss Pipe Tools can suitable for PEX Pipes, PAP Pipes, Copper/Aluminum/Steel pipes with hand/hydraulic/electrical operation type, including hose clamp, pipe expanding tools and many other pipe fitting tools, products very suitable for USA,Australia,New Zealand,Singapore,Europe,Russia,Canada marketing. The hand operation crimping tool for connecting fitting with pipe, used for pap pipe ,stainless pipe, Changeable crimping dies make the working convenient; the handle can be elongated with energy-efficient drive. Ratchet buckle structure ensure each press in right position.. The hydraulic operation crimping tool perfect design depend on the ergonomics, beautiful shape and operation comfortable, suspend release device ensure accurate reliability and good sealing safety valve design; ensure each clamp in good sealing. Straight-insert rotary lock type clamps head pin; prevent clamp head pin not lock to work; Our electric operation crimping tool Microcomputer control system-automatically detect pressure when it is crimping, with double safety protect.
  • PP/PET/Steel Strapping Tools
    PP/PET/Steel Strapping Tools including Pneumatic Strapping Tools, Battery-powered strapper, Manual Steel Strapping Tools, Pneumatic Strapping Welding Machine etc. These products are widely used and the manufacturing industry, metallurgy, transportation and other industries, such as steel rolling, transport of goods, hardware equipment, fiber, cotton, tobacco, chemical industry, metal products, paper packaging, wooden pallets, electroplating, aluminum, steel. Its characteristics are as follows: 1. Patent design, safety and freedom of fatigue 2. The design of high reliability advanced manufacturing technology. 3. The equipment service life is long, and has high strength, high durability and development technology. 4. Provides a considerable time saving; has a unique innovation 5. Reduce labor intensity and improve productivity. 6. Pneumatic tools, light weight, simple operation, easy to carry 7. With pneumatic tool belt specification, reliable and strong. 8. Battery-powered strapper work to transfer into automatic mode, tensioning and welding control.
  • Electric Rebar Tools
    Iwiss Rebar Tools including Rebar Cutting Tools, Rebar Bending Tools and Rebar Tying Machine with Electrical and Battery operating mode, This kind of tools can be used to effectively reduce the manpower cost to improve work efficiency, are widely used in all kinds of large venues construction, high-rise buildings, Bridges and other countries transportation infrastructure. Detail description for rebar cutter: Rebar cutter (RC),portable electric hydraulic rebar cutter is a kind of light, small, portable and quiet rebar cutter, it’s easy to operate and safe for users as cutting without sparks, sediment and smell. It’s widely used for cutting construction rears, deformed bars, round steel bars, steel rods and threaded rods etc. Main advantages: Light&small&portable safe for the users as cutting without sparks, sediment smell. Use: Mainly used for cutting off construction rebar, deformed bar, round steel bar, etc. Electric Automatic Rebar Bender has a motor that runs quietly and is only on while bending is in progress, preventing unnecessary wear. Ideal for builders, contractors and manufacturers who require a simple to use, consistently accurate rebar bending machine onsite or in the shop. Preset angle locks for repeating the same angle bend. The two slide-type angle selectors can be set to accurately bend any angle 0-180 degrees. Two standard feet pedal control switches for hands-free bending. Portable Cordless Automatic Rebar Tying Machine. This machine can suitable for precast steel or mental tubing packing in architecture engineering scene. Rebar tying machine Widely used in construction industry.
  • Fiber Optic Tools
    Iwiss Fiber Tools including Fiber Cable Cutting Tools,Crimping Tools,Welding Tools,Optical Fiber Cleaver,The products are widely used in data room, communication system, large enterprise data exchange, enterprises and institutions of the communication system update and maintenance of all kinds of information communication has high requirements of the place.
  • Wire Processing Machine
    Including Wire Stripping Machine,Cutting Machine and Terminal Crimping Machine used for automotive connectors,wire connectors,coaxial cables;We accept special industry connector custom requirements,We are the mainstream of automation wire processing field suppliers. IWISS ELECTRIC has been working on exploring computerized wire cutting and striping machine for many years. Our machines has high precision and working speed and comprehensive in functions, and are widely used in the wire processing Industry, such as the electronics and electrical appliance Industry, the automobile electronics Industry, and the aerospace Industry.
  • Cable Gland & Wiring Duct
     Cable Gland  and Wiring Duct Nylon Cable Glands|Brass Cable Glands|Wiring Duct|Telephone Wiring Duct|Round Type Wiring Duct Cable Gland  A cable gland (in the U.S. more often known as a cable connector or fitting) is a device designed to attach and secure the end of a cable to the equipment. Cable glands may be used on all types of electrical power, control, instrumentation, data and telecommunications cables. They are used as a sealing and termination device to ensure that the characteristics of the enclosure which the cable enters can be maintained adequately. Wiring Duct Wiring Duct to create multiple channels; Simply install the divider wall base when mounting the duct; a premium-quality duct for point-to-point wiring, is ideal for electrical enclosures, machine building and data/communications panels and closets.     Any question please feel free to contact us: Related Wiring Accessery (View Online Catalog):
  • Cable Marker & Heat Shrinkable Tubings
    Cable Marker and Heat Shrinkable Tubings Cable Markers|Vinyl Wire End Caps|Spiral Wrapping Bands| Heat Shrinkable Tubings Spiral Wrapping Bands The spiral tube from IWISS bundles cables and protects cable reliable. The flexible cable tube is durable and reusable. The supplied installation tool simplifies the bundling of cables. The spiral tube cable tie is the space-saving option for a clean installation of cables and reducing trip hazards. Cable Markers Using markers specifically designed to meet every application. A wide range of packaging types and accessories are available to simplify the marking process.   Vinyl Wire End Caps It is suitable for all kinds of switchboards, auto-control equipment complicated wire distribution, make the wire identification. There are different specification is good for different shape of terminal, when use it, easy to unload, easy operation. Product quality is soft and good performance of resilient, safe and reliable. Heat Shrinkable Tubing Single/Thin wall heat shrinkable tubing is used in a variety of applications in the electronics, automotive, military & aerospace sectors, including: Mechanical Protection, Abrasion Protection, Strain Relief, Moisture Protection, Cable Insulation, Marking & bundling of electronic components   Any question please feel free to contact us: Related Wiring Accessery (View Online Catalog):  
  • Cable Clamps & Cable Tie Holder
    Cable Clamps and Cable Tie Holder Tie Mounts|Expand Plugs|Cable Tie Holder|R-Type Cable Clamps Our Cable Clamp is designed to manage and contain your cables, wires, and a variety of items with simplistic, reliable security, to assist you in securing, joining and running electrical cables. Tie Mounts: Used together with cable ties. Secured to the surface by the adhesive tape on the back after the backing paper is peeled off.May be secured using a self-tapping screw inserted into a special hole. Expand Plugs: Used primarily for light duty fastening of screws in concrete, brick, dry wall, hollow brick, wooden structure, natural stone plates. Quick & secure tool for fixing screws. Cable Tie Holder: A one piece non-conductive, fool proof holding device for fixing of Can Type Aluminum electrolytic capacitor which can be fitted easily and quickly. Application- just position it on the Capacitor and press the jaws together. For maximum tightness a plier can be used to give that firmness and vibration resistance.The capacitor Holder can be released and reused again and again. R-type Cable Clamps: specially designed to hold cables, tubes and components and allow you to easily mount bundles of cables to walls, ceilings or any other surface. The clamp has quite an easy application, simply screw the clamp to surface.   Any question please feel free to contact us: Related Wiring Accessery (View Online Catalog):
  • Terminal Blocks & Wire Connectors
    Terminal Blocks & Wire Connectors Insulated Terminals|Copper Tube Terminals|Insulated Disconnects|Insulated Butt Connectors Electrical wire connectors, wire terminals and quick splices are a line of marine and auto wire connectors. The full line of electrical wire connectors and terminals available below are commonly used when making electrical connections, such as in engine compartments, industrial equipment, or when building wire harnesses. Other connectors are designed specifically for outdoor wiring use, such as the underground splice kit. Others are designed for general purpose electrical components, such as wire caps. In any case, each wire connector, wire terminal and quick splice carries varying characteristics, such as different voltage ratings, different amperage rating, different gauge sizes and application purpose. This abundance of varying characteristics ensures that the demands of various electrical and vehicle applications are met.   Any question please feel free to contact us: Related Wiring Accessery (View Online Catalog):    
  • Cable Ties
    Cable Ties Self-Locking Cable Ties|Releasable Cable Ties|Marker Nylon Cable Ties|Stainless Steel Cable Ties A cable tie, also known as a hose tie, zap-strap, or zip tie or tie-wrap, is a type of fastener, designed for bunching electric cables or wires and to organize cables and wires. IWISS provides comprehensive bundling solutions including cable ties that are available in a wide range of sizes, styles and materials for fastening, bundling, clamping and identifying in a variety of applications throughout the physical infrastructure. Beaded cable ties: Unique beaded design allows them to be releasable and reusable Releasable cable ties: Easy to apply and remove, reusable Ladder style cable ties: Ideal for intermediate bundling and retail applications Identification cable ties: Built-in flags for written or printed identification Parallel entry cable ties: Tamper-proof, low profile heads Tear-off cable ties: Quick release design requires no cutting tools   Value Pack     Any question please feel free to contact us: Related Wiring Accessery (View Online Catalog):  
  • Wire Terminals & Connectors
    Wire Terminals & Connectors Insulated Terminals|Copper Tube Terminals|Insulated Disconnects|Insulated Butt COnnectors   An electrical connector is an electro-mechanical device for joining electrical circuits as an interface using a mechanical assembly. Connectors consist of plugs (male-ended) and jacks (female-ended). The connection may be temporary, as for portable equipment, require a tool for assembly and removal, or serve as a permanent electrical joint between two wires or devices. Wire Terminals – Electrical Terminals This selection of professional grade wire terminals is one of the largest assortments in the industry. Wire terminals, also referred to as electrical terminals, are used to connect or terminate wire and cable in vehicles and other electrical applications that utilize wire to transfer electrical current. The wire terminal selection below is split into groups by electrical terminal type. The different terminals below ensure that the demands are met in various vehicles and electrical applications.       Insulated Terminal Packing Any question please feel free to contact us: Related Wiring Accessery (View Online Catalog):