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At least 10% off for over $1000 inquiry, 20% off for over $3000 inquiry
At least 10% off for over $1000 inquiry, 20% off for over $3000 inquiry

Bench Mount & Pneumatic Crimping Tools

A pneumatic crimping machine is a crimping tool or a piece of equipment that uses compressed air for impact movement to crimp terminals on wires to create electrical connections. It also requires electricity to operate. Pneumatic crimping machines are also called pneumatic wire crimp tools or pneumatic crimpers.Pneumatic crimping machines come in a wide range, from lightweight handheld to heavy-duty bench crimping machines. Most pneumatic crimping machines come with interchangeable dies to accommodate different terminals/connectors.Unlike other types of crimping tools, pneumatic crimpers offer precise control over the crimping process. As a result, you can adjust parameters such as speed, force, and depth, thus ensuring consistency in crimping.

A bench-mounted crimper for battery cable lugs is a specialized tool designed for securely attaching cable lugs to battery cables. This type of crimper is typically used in automotive, marine, and industrial applications where reliable electrical connections are crucial. The bench-mounted design ensures stability and precision during the crimping process, allowing for consistent and professional results. These crimpers are often equipped with adjustable dies to accommodate different lug sizes and are built to withstand the high forces required for crimping heavy-duty cables. With their robust construction and efficient operation, bench-mounted crimpers for battery cable lugs are essential tools for any electrical or automotive workshop.

At iCrimp, we offer a wide range of pneumatic crimping machines and bench mounted crimpers suitable for cable lugs, terminal ferrules, duplex sleeve ferrules, and solid/heavy contacts. Most of our tools have interchangeable die sets to help users crimp different wire sizes.

  • EM-6B Electrical Crimping Machine For 0.25mm² To 10mm²

    Original Price $899.99 - Original Price $899.99
    Original Price
    $899.99 - $899.99
    Current Price $899.99

    Type EM-6B2 is an ideal crimper for connection in the cabinet. It is applicable for pre-insulated terminal crimping from 0.25mm2to 10mm2. It is sup...

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