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At least 10% off for over $1000 inquiry, 20% off for over $3000 inquiry
At least 10% off for over $1000 inquiry, 20% off for over $3000 inquiry
Cable Stripper & Wire Cutters

Cable Stripper & Wire Cutters

A cable stripper and wire cutter are essential tools for wire installation and repair work: they serve a distinct purpose in electrical work.

A wire cutter is designed to cut wire to desired lengths accurately and cleanly without leaving frayed ends, making wire installation much easier and more effective. Wire cutters are of different types, and each has specific applications.A cable stripper is designed to remove the outer insulation from electric cables/wires like power cables, Ethernet cables, and coaxial cables. There are also different types of wire strippers, but the most advanced ones have a self-adjustment feature that allows adjustment of stripping depth to suit the wire size you’re using.

IWISS and its sub-brand, iCrimp, offer some of the most versatile and handy cable strippers and wire cutters in the market. Our tools also feature great ergonomic designs, thus making them easy to use.

  • ICP-338 Kit Wire Stripper Tool Kit, Adjustable Stripper for 22-10 AWG with Insulated Terminals and Cable Tie

    Original Price $6.99 - Original Price $10.99
    Original Price
    $6.99 - $10.99
    $6.99 - $10.99
    Current Price $6.99

    MULTI-FUNCTIONALITY: ICP-338 wire stripper kit contains a wire stripper, 169pcs insulated terminals, 60pcs cable ties, 30pcs banding wire. Wire st...

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