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Cable Tie Guns

Cable Tie Guns

A cable tie gun or cable tie tensioning tool is a handy tool used for tightening cable ties/zip ties to secure a bundle of cables/wire or other assemblies and keep them organized. Using cable tie guns is super easy.

Start by ensuring your stainless steel cable tie is inserted on the assembly you wish to tighten, and you’ve anywhere 2-3 inches length on the end of the tie. Then, hold your cable tie gun firmly in one hand and position the tool’s jaws around the end of the cable tie. Squeeze the handles continuously to apply force on the handles to tighten the cable tie. Once the tie is tight enough, you can trim the excess metal on the tie using the cutting handle. However, ensure you maintain the tension on the tool handles while still cutting to get a clean cut. A great cable tie gun should have a design that allows you to tighten and cut cable ties using one hand effortlessly.

iCrimp’s cable tie guns are suitable for different applications and have robust construction and a straightforward operation mechanism.

  • WCB-324 Stainless Steel Cable Tie Gun, Zip Tie Tool for Fastening & Cutting up to 24mm SS Zip Ties

    Original Price $39.99 - Original Price $39.99
    Original Price
    $39.99 - $39.99
    Current Price $39.99

    WCB-324 is a combination banding, strapping, tensioning and cutting tool for steel bands 1/4’’ to 1’’ wide, (.015" - .030" thickness). Heavy duty ...

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