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This website is for wholesale, our retail store is on
iwiss wire terminals

Wire Terminal Kits

Wire terminal kits come in varying combinations of terminal types, sizes and quantities. Briefly, terminal kits are a great way to access a wide variety of wire terminals and connectors in one place.

However, choosing the right terminal kit is essential as it determines the type of electrical connections you can make. Therefore, the below factors are pretty critical and should be considered:

  • Application: The type of application determines the type of connectors or terminals you’ll need to use.
  • Electrical specification: The wire terminal kit you choose should have connectors/terminals that meet the required electrical specifications (wire gauge, voltage, frequency, etc.).
  • Material: Terminals are made of different materials, and each material suits specific applications.
  • Variety of terminals: Terminal kits carry a variety of terminals. Some kits have a wide assortment of terminals, while others are more specialized.
IWISS and its sub-brand, iCrimp, offer a wide variety of wire terminal kits with quality connectors and terminals suitable for various applications, from automotive wiring and electronics to industrial machinery.
  • AMP-268 AMPSEAL 16 Connector Kit in 2,3,4,6,8,12 Pin Configurations, Waterproof Automotive Electrical Connectors with Size 16 Solid Pin Contacts, 268PCS

    Original Price $94.99 - Original Price $94.99
    Original Price
    $94.99 - $94.99
    Current Price $94.99

    Purpose: AMPSEAL 16 connector kit includes plug and cap housings which offer a one-piece design and come fully assembled - reducing installation t...

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