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At least 10% off for over $1000 inquiry, 20% off for over $3000 inquiry


In any furnished house, pipework is inevitable. Piping covers a variety of applications in a house and includes plumbing works for water or gas supplies, electrical or structured cabling. With improved flexibility, leak-proof and structural integrity, PEX pipes are preferred over the traditional pipes.

In handling PEX pipes, a well-informed plumber has to choose the right PEX pipe cinch tool, a universal tool will be the best preference. In this regard, IWISS has you covered. As a leading PEX tool manufacturer, we have come up with state of art Mini PEX Cinch Tool Set iCrimp CRP961, which in its package contains: 1-Cinch tool, 1-Pex Cutter, and 20 pieces of 1/2" and 10 pieces of 3/4" stainless steel clamps respectively.

Over several occasions, cinch tool length has been a barricade while working within confined areas. But once hired, blaming the tool may not be a reason that any client would want to give an ear to. As modern designers, IWISS gives you CRP961, a tool which has an upgraded handle to make possible the otherwise impossible space limiting working areas. This cinch tool is 9.05 inches and about 2 inches shorter than the ordinary tools in the market thus ideal for working within the constricted areas. We, therefore, present you an unbeatable PEX pipe cinch toolset.

Important Facts to Note about iCrimp CRP961


CRP961 is rust free tool. Its design incorporated the use of high carbon steel which is made through the forging process giving it the mechanical strength and excellent performance. The internal jaw is processed with Wire EDM Cutting. This tool is forged by high-carbon steel, dealt with well surface treatment, which ensures that any metallic contamination that may lead to tool deterioration is kept off.

Easy to Use

Apart from the short handles which make CRP961 highly usable in confined areas, iCrimp cinch tool has a maximum of 11.64 inches on full opening of the two handles, this opening length is short enough for use within narrow areas. The shorter handles further ensure the more applied load is being transmitted to the cinch tool head thus making the cinching of big size clamps much easier and effortless. Besides, CRP961 has an anti-slip grip handles made of TPR to improve further on its labor efficiency as a hand tool.

Labor Efficiency

Sometimes, one can be hired on an hourly basis or one might just have more than one job in a day. In such circumstances, you have to manage your own time to complete both the tasks as scheduled. To ensure that labor is greatly saved, CRP961 is designed with shorter handles to fit within any compacted area; inter-handles full opening length is only 11.64 inches thus overriding all other tools in the market. Compared to other tools in the market, this tool saves up to 25% labor based on its shorter arms and frictionless pivots and the slip-free hand grips. A close look at the groove joints shows strong and efficient teeth that free ride on closing to provide a smooth shuttering click. The handles are also joined with one ratchet pin with large teeth which are shake relievers maximizing on efficiency further. CRP961 design also integrates a unique logical sloping head to aid in effective stainless-steel clamp cinching thus both air and watertight.

Easy to Carry

With a weight of only 1.06pounds, iCrimp CRP961 is light and convenient enough to fit in your toolbox. Just as mentioned earlier, short handle is well-thought design, it saves your packaging space which you can use for packing smaller tools.

Operation Procedures for CRP961 PEX Pipe Cinch Tool

Though easily done, fixing PEX pipe needs a special tool for each task and CRP961 makes it even easier. A short training is required before one can effectively handle a PEX pipe. A step by step procedure towards operating a PEX Pipe Cinch Tool Kit CRP961 is hereon.

Step 1

At the edge of the pipe where you need to work on, take the PEX cutter and open the handles to fit on the pipe diameter, close the handles to cut smoothly cut the pipe.

pex pipe cinch tool CRP961 step1

Step 2

Fit the appropriate size of the stainless-steel clamp around the cut PEX pipe.

iCrimp pex pipe cinch tool CRP961 operate step2

Step 3

Insert appropriate fixer if it’s a fitting work or the right size pipe is it’s a connection.

iCrimp pex pipe cinch tool CRP961 operate step3

Step 4

Using iCrimp CRP961, cinch the stainless-steel clamp in position by closing the handles until a clipping sound is heard.

iCrimp pex pipe cinch tool CRP961 operate step4

Why Buy iCrimp CRP961?

iCrimp CRP961 saves your time and increases your working speed. It saves up to 25% labor and with short handles opening of 11.64 inches, its productivity is very outstanding.

CRP961 has a single piece rachet which is frictionless and with large teeth to minimize shaking while closing the handles and also improves on the loading effort concurrently.

With the sloping head, this tool grabs and clamps any raised part of the pipe thus forming a leakproof junction that may not achievable by other PEX cinch tools.

Compared to ordinary PEX cinch crimp tools in the market, CRP961 weighs just 1.06 pounds making it a convenient hand tool.

Using forging Carbon steel dealt with well surface treatment makes CRP961 a long-life tool that one can never worry about, even if it's exposed to water droplets.

Lastly, CRP961 is a versatile PEX pipe tool which conforms to ASTM F2098 hence compatible with Stainless-steel and single ear hose clamps be it for car, trucks or even yacht.

Looking for a permanent solution to help reduce the number of PEX Cinch fitting tools in your toolbox? Then CRP961 is the best choice for you. With its 25% labor-saving technology, shorter hands that make it convenient in limited areas, longer life span and effective load transmission. You have no choice but to purchase this new product in the PEX industry. iCrimp CRP961 is currently retailing in Amazon and eBay. Log in to book yours today.

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