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Wire Rope Tools That Every Handyman Should Have

Wire Rope Tools That Every Handyman Should Have

Whether you work as an electrical technician, handyman, or a plumber, you know the importance of having the right set of tools by your side. Now there have sure been numerous times when you need a tool adequate for transform metal sleeves into the desired shape through pressure? It is the wire rope crimping tool that has saved the day all those times. As one of the essential tools on the market, it doesn't come as a surprise that there are a variety of different models. Hence, making the right decision is a bit harder, but as long as you know the critical features and basic info on a good quality crimping tool, you shouldn't have a problem.

What you should know is that while there are both budget-friendly and high-end models, our suggestion is not to go for wire rope tools that are below $50 – these are versatile and more durable, and you put trust in your tool kit. Without further ado, let's dive in and learn more about wire rope tools!

Wire Rope Crimper

Wire rope is a common material used when a project needs better support. This means you need proper fastening techniques, and this often means installing a ferrule. This tool is used to swage the rope, which is one way of crimping and bending a material into the desired shape.

A wire rope crimper is a crimping tool that craftsmen and workers in the metalworking field use to shape wire ropes. Usually made of hardened steel alloys they can be designed to handle specific ferrules, sleeve, and fittings. The wire rope crimpers are widely used in railing and DIY projects.

IWS-1608B Wire Rope Crimper

This long handle wire rope crimper is crafted with high-quality steel jaws that make for a clean and tight compression when crimping. Depending on the size you get, you will have 5 crimping sizes available to you:

Hole No. swag size
∅mm ∅inch
1.58-2.00 1/16"-5/64"
2.50-2.80 3/32"-7/64"
3.17-3.50 1/8"
4.00 5/32"
5.00 3/16"

IWS-1608M Wire Rope Aluminum Sleeves Clip Fittings Tool

Much like the previous one and any high-quality tool of this type, it can work well with stainless steel sleeves, along with stop sleeves on wire ropes. It is a well-crafted tool being constructed of high-grade carbon that has been polished to create a high-performance jaw that offers outstanding crimp capability and durability to boot. You will have 4 crimping sizes available to you:

Hole No. swag size
∅mm ∅inch
1.2 3/64"
1.58-2.0 1/16"-5/64"
2.5-2.78 3/32"-7/64"
3.17-3.5 1/8"

IWISS AM-116 Pneumatic Crimping Tool

This model is a pneumatic built crimping tool that will allow for heavier duty crimping needs. It is good to use on multiple sleeves, ferrules, and fittings. It is well built with high-grade materials that will enhance its overall durability and lifespan.

wire rope with sleeves

About Sleeves

Sleeves are important as they are required to make loops at the end of the wire ropes. They come in a number of different material choices, with the cheapest and most common kind being aluminum. If you prefer using copper sleeves, they are available in plain or with zinc or tin plating. They are also available in stainless steel, but this is usually upon request.

We discuss a few options below:

Aluminum Duplex Sleeves

Aluminum duplex sleeves are metal pieces that are extruded from high-quality aluminum and treated with heat to prepare them for cold forming, These pieces of swaging kit are the little pieces used to thread the wire or rope through before crimping. These pieces hold the rope in place, giving the metalwork more security.

Rail Fitting Aluminum Sleeves

These are fittings that are used when swaging with wooden materials. Often used to prevent the wire rope from chipping away at the softwood of the already drilled hole. These can also be used to make a drilled hole look more presentable and are good with hand swaging tasks.

Double Barrel Crimping Sleeves

These rigging and crimping accessories are sleeves used to hold the wire in place after crimping. They look like small double-barrel shotgun barrels, and that is why they are called such. They can come in many different materials from copper to aluminum and steel. Some even try to help with aesthetics by offering an anodized option as well.

Aluminum Crimping Loop Sleeve

Another version of a double-barrel sleeve this model is easy to use and doesn't take much effort to get in place. They are intended to hold the wire rope or cable in place by locking both sides firmly in place. This is done by crimping both ends. Aluminum is an excellent choice as it is good with high humidity and salt environments, which means less chance of corrosion.

Wire Rope Tools Buyer's Guide

Much like with any product, there are features that you need to consider to make the perfect decision. When it comes to crimps and hand swagger tools, there is more to it apart from the price and the brand that stands behind a particular model. Let's take a look:

Key Feature #1: Crimp Size

A feature that plays a critical role is the crimp size. Out of all crimping sizes, you should be looking that your hand swagger includes at least 3 cavities for different sizes. It would be best if you kept in mind that the size specifications may not be the same for electricians and plumbers tools.

Key Feature #2: Ergonomic Design

Another essential feature is the handle and the design of the whole crimper tool. As you might know, doing work with it can take hours, which is the reason why the grip should be firm yet ergonomic.

Key Feature #3: Durable

This is determined by how often will you be using that hand swagger tool or wire rope machine. If you need it no more than a few times a year, we recommend you invest in a multi-purpose hand crimper that is perfect for small repair shops and DIY. It is more affordable and still provides excellent performance. On the other hand, if you will be dealing with crimper tools regularly, you should invest in a pneumatic or automatic model that is easier to use and provides excellent long-term performance.

Key Feature #4: Price

The thing is out of all tools crimpers are one of the most affordable on the market. For the performance that you are getting a crimper is a worthy investment, which is the reason to invest a few bucks into it and ensure that you are getting all the critical features.

Key Feature #5: Warranty

A warranty of any kind including only a 3-months limited one is a good guarantee that the product you are buying is reliable and made to last.

Wire Rope Tools FAQ

Here, we will be answering the most commonly asked question related to wire rope tools:

Question 1: What is a Wire Rope Tool

- A hand swaging tool can be used to shape the sleeves and fasten the wire ropes.

Question 2: Purpose of Using a Swager

- For decking, railing, clothesline and other DIY projects.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to what Is your profession and do you need a set of wire rope tools. In our opinion, getting yourself a set of crimpers and a hand swagger tool or even a pneumatic machine is an excellent investment if you are dealing with sleeves, railing fittings, daily. So what are you waiting for? Head out and make the best decision for your needs.

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