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PEX pipe connection system

PEX Pipe Market in North America: Insights and Future Trends

PEX tubing has emerged as a versatile alternative to conventional plumbing materials such as copper and PVC: the global PEX pipe market size reached US$7.5 billion in 2023. PEX pipe is known for its durability, flexibility, affordability, and ease of installation. The same impact has been felt in the North American region (the United States, Canada, and Mexico), where the PEX pipe market is gradually flourishing. For instance, the US holds a significant share of the market in this region due to its robust housing market and prevalent use of PEX pipes in plumbing applications.
This article looks into various significant aspects shaping the PEX pipe market in North America. It also explores future trends and forecasts within this sector in this particular region.

Connection Systems

North America's PEX pipe connection system market is witnessing strong growth as more property owners and plumbing professionals seek more efficiency and reliability in PEX pipe installations. Verified Market Reports show brass and plastic dominate the PEX pipe connection system market, especially in residential and commercial applications. Also, regarding geography, North America is the most dominant region globally.
While there are about five pipe connection methods, three connection systems facilitate PEX pipe installation in North America. They include:

1. Crimping

It's the most popular and affordable choice, ensuring a secure PEX connection without the need for heat. However, it requires a special tool called a PEX crimping tool or a PEX pipe crimper.

2. Expansion

Another popular connection method for creating reliable PEX A pipes requires a PEX expander tool.

3. Push-fit connectors

These are types of fittings that offer quick and easy installation and require no tools. However, they tend to cost more than the crimp and expansion fittings.

Market Trends and Drivers

There has been a rising adoption of PEX pipes in North America due to the factors stated earlier. In addition, there is a growing demand for PEX pipes in residential and commercial buildings' radiant heating systems. Briefly, the growth of construction and infrastructure activities positively impacts the demand for PEX pipes in this region. According to research, infrastructural growth in nations like the US and Canada will spur demand for PEX pipes and boost its revenue in this region in the next few years.
Other factors boosting the PEX pipe market growth are the gradual product innovations that have enabled manufacturers like IWISS to make quality PEX products and tools. Lastly, the regulatory bodies within this region have, over the years, imposed regulations and standards that place PEX pipes as ideal plumbing materials due to their remarkable performance, reliability, and safety. As a result, this has led to increased adoption and demand for PEX pipes in most plumbing applications.

Growth Challenges

Plumbing materials such as copper and PVC have been widely used in plumbing systems for a longer time than PEX; thus, consumers and professionals have an established market presence and adoption. Also, the fact that PEX pipes are relatively newer than most established alternatives in the market makes it difficult to predict their durability and longevity, thus hindering their growth.
Another challenge is PEX pipes' limited compatibility with certain chemicals, thus limiting their use in certain applications, especially in industries. Lastly, building and plumbing regulations can be another challenge for the PEX pipe market in North America. Local codes can be pretty strict in some areas, and some codes haven't fully embraced PEX, posing a hurdle for growth.

Industry Analysis and Forecast

Despite the few challenges the PEX pipe market faces, North America's general market outlook is quite positive: it holds the largest market share globally. With the increased adoption of PEX pipes and technological advancement, PEX pipes are more likely to dominate the plumbing industry in the coming years. It's estimated that this market is to experience approximately a 6.1 to 13% CAGR by 2030.
Also, this market expects more research and advancements, especially now that AI technologies are impacting critical areas such as manufacturing. Players such as IWISS will also help level the competition in terms of quality products, innovations, and competitive pricing.


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